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What is led panel light?

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What is led panel light?
What is led panel light?

LED Panel lights are quite welcomed and popular in the market, due to high efficient and durability, as well as effective costing now, so now, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, shopping malls, museums, libaries would like to go with them.
Structures of the panel:
How to get a good panel?

LED Chip: Lighting efficiency and color renderingindex are different from brands and models. A good light with longerlife, higher efficiency and better color rendering index will offer moreapplications;

Kelvin: Working or studying will ask white color,like 5000K or 6000K are most asked, while warm white color for relexroom, like 3000K, which make a comfortable and easy mood;

Luminous Output: Generally, It refers to the brightness. The room needs us to be concentrated, so more brightness is requested. However, Watt does NOT mean output.

CRI: A color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitativemeasure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors ofvarious objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source.Ra80 or above is suggested.

Strobe test: Stroboscopic lighting will be harmfulto our eyes, however, unable to tell with our eyeball. An easy way isthat opening your app of making photo on your phone, it will come outwith stripes if Stroboscopic LED driver.