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How to choose a right LED high bay

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How to choose a right LED high bay
The high-bay lighting market is getting ready for a big shift to LED technology. This is being driven by the falling prices of LED lamps, along with advances in sensors and controls, which are used to help further reduce energy consumption, enabling an acceptable return on investment (ROI). High-bay lighting applications in commercial and industrial environments now are well positioned to take advantage of LEDs in terms of energy savings and minimizing downtime.

Navigant Research (Boulder, CO) forecasts global sales of high-bay luminaires and lamps will increase through 2017, reaching almost $17.0 billion, propelled primarily by the rising adoption rate of more expensive LED luminaires and lamps in new construction and retrofits.

So how to choose a good LED high bay?

1. The first and most important thing for you to consider is the design of the LED light. There are mainly two types of LED tube design currently available. They are pendant and linear fixtures. It is important to consider your roof type while choosing the design.

2. Get a right lighting distribution. 120deg beam angle LED high bay light reflector with a wide range of irradiation, is recommended for height of 4-6m up floor. 90degree beam angle LED high bay reflector is recommended for height of 6-8m, while 45degree reflector is recommended for height of 8-12m.

3. The specific environment must be taken into account. Generally, an illuminance of 250 to 300lx on the table is suitable for most workshops. While for most warehouses, 150 to 250lx would be enough.

Prime 200W LED High bay
Average illuminance
Illuminance area
¢16M Round
¢9.5M Round
¢22M Round
¢11M Round
¢27M Round
¢12.5M Round

4. Care more for lumen instead of wattage. Even with same wattage, the lumen output may be different. For instance, a factory A may produce 140W LED light with 80lm/W, while another factory B may produce 120W LED light with 110lm/W. Of course, 110LM/W offers you more value for money.

5. Higher constant-current supply and power efficiency with high power factor are important so that LED lamps can be environmental and energy saving.And also provide a longer lifespan of whole lighting fixture. A regular good-quality power supply has a lifetime from 35,000 to 50,000 hours. Generally, the power supply's lifetime gets halved for each 10C degrees rise in its working temperature, or vice versa. It is the same for the LED light source. When constantly operating under high temperature, the inner connecting wires melt faster.

6. Before bulk purchase, a testing for 48-72 hours is needed to check stability and brightness.