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How to Choose LED Strip Lights

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How to Choose LED Strip Lights
How to Choose LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights, ribbons or tapes are one of the most popular LED products available in the market, but what will be right for your applications?

Questions to consider:
1> What is the application?
2> Would you like significant light output or ambient lighting?
3> What color would you like?
4> Do you require waterproofing?

There are four main types of flexible led strip lights:

1> 3528's (30/ 48 /60 /120/ 240LED/M)
They are smaller in size and less bright, perfect for creating ambient lighting, like cover, accent, shelve, pathways or landscape lighting. Waterproof and Non-waterproof, all single colors are available.

2> 3014's (60/ 70/ 120LEDs/M)
They are smaller in size and are brighter than the 3528's but less bright than the 5050's, perfect for creating ambient lighting. Waterproof and Non-waterproof, white and warm white are the mostly asked.

3> 5050's (30/ 48/ 60/ 120LEDs/M)
They are larger in size and tend to put out more light compared to the 3528's and the 3014's, but less than 2835's, perfect for areas where more light is desired.
Waterproof and Non-waterproof, both single colors and RGB changing colors are available.

4> 2835's and 5630's (60/ 70/ 120LEDs/M)
They are larger in size and more light output over 5050's, 20-22LM per 2835LEDs and 50-55LM per 5630LED compared to 16-18Lm per 5050LEDs, perfect for display lighting, and white and warm white are the mostly asked.

There are many different color avialablefor your options, blue, green, red, green, white, warm white etc. While RGB color changing flexible led strip lights can change multiple colors with use of an appropriate RGB controller.

There are 4 main waterproofing options:
1> No waterproofing – perfect for indoor use and in areas without humidity and dust.
2> Resin coating (Most popular) – for areas prone to dust and humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and workshops. Also okay for outdoor locations and gentle exposure to water/rain.
3> PVC/ Silicone jacket – used in areas to heavy water flow.
4> PVC/ Silicone jacket with gel filling – only necessary for submersion in water up to 1m deep.