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Replace T8 tubes proposal

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Replace T8 tubes proposal
Replace T8 tubes proposal

The offices need to replace the conventional 40W T8 fluorescent tube, with 18W LED tubes, to save electricity bills and maiantance costs. The calcualter will show you, how the LED lights pay you back the money, although higher initial costs of LED Tube lights.

1. Spot site: offices
2. Lighting units: 1000pcs 40W T8 fluorescent tubes
3. Power: 40W T8+ 4W ballast+ 1W starter=45W
4. Lifespan: 10,000hours
5. Initial costs: T8 (US$1.4), Ballast(US$0.7), Starter(US$0.1)
5. Maintenance costs: ???

18W LED tube lights with 1800Lm output is perfectly Replace the 40W T8.

1. Lighting units: 1000pcs 18W LED T8 tubes
2. Power: 18W
3. Lifespan: 50,000hours (Three year waaranty)
4. Initial costs: US$12
5. Maintenance costs: 0

This calculater will help you understand how much cost 18W LED Tube Lights will save.

From the calculater, you will find that:

In first ONE year, the 1000pcs 18W LED Tube lights save you 19,710-7,884=11,826 US$ electricity bills, which almost equal to the initial costs of the 1000pcs LED Tube lights, 12,000US$. So from the second year, they will save you US$11,826 electricity bills, compared with lighting with the fluorescent tubes. That's the MONEY in your pocket.

If need the calculater, you are welcomed to contact us.