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RoHS LED Strip lights

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RoHS LED Strip lights
RoHS LED Strip lights

Prime LED Flexible Ribbon Strip is available in four varieties:
A) Regular Flex strip, 3M tape on backing, IP20;
B) Water resistance type with an encapsulated plastic Gel, 3M tape on backing, IP66;
C) Water resistance type with a protective Silicone jacket, can be fixed with clips, IP66;
D) Waterproof type with silicone jacket and Gel inside, IP68.

3528 LED series:
30pcs SMDs per meter: 2.4W
48pcs SMDs per meter: 3.8W
60pcs SMDs per meter: 4.8W
120pcs SMDs per meter: 9.6W
240pcs SMDs per meter: 19.2W (Single/double line)
60 white+60 warm white LEDs per meter: 9.6W (CCT adjustable)
120 white+120 warm white LEDs per meter: 19.2W (CCT adjustable)

2835 LED series:
60pcs SMDs per meter: 12W
120pcs SMDs per meter: 24W
56 white+56 warm white LEDs per meter: 19.2W (CCT adjustable)

3014 LED series:
60LEDs per meter: 6W
120LEDs per meter: 12W
112 white+112 warm white LEDs per meter:12W (CCT adjustable)

5050 LED series:
30pcs per meter: 7.2W
48pcs per meter: 11.5W
60pcs per meter: 14.4W
120pcs per meter: 28.8W

RGB (30pcs per meter): 7.2W;
RGB (60pcs per meter): 14.4W.
RGB+W (36pcs per meter):8.64W
RGB+W (60pcs per meter):14.4W
RGB+W (72pcs per meter):17W

They are CE and RoHS approved.